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According to Electric Plum’s dad, one must always retain a sense of humour, no matter how dire a situation is. She took this pearl of wisdom hugely to heart and finds herself gripped by a need to joke about stuff when most people would cry. While psychologists might feel the need to take her aside and have a word, EP has learnt from her mistakes: dressing up as a squirrel to cheer up a grieving friend (her hamster had died) probably wasn’t the most sensitive of moves (because as it turned out, the squirrel outfit only served to remind her of Nibbler).

These days, EP values humour and finds solace in satirical send up, but she doesn’t dress up as squirrels anymore. She’s also capable of being sincere, contrary to first appearances and above all, values intelligent thought. She’s fascinated by insights into human behaviour, and these highly general aspects are what the Electric Plum blog are all about. From music to fashion, via travel and rambling life observations, literature, art and entertainment, it doesn’t take much for EP to have some sort of an opinion on something (the exception perhaps being hockey – she was never any good at that). And she’ll tell you about it, in one way or another.

Welcome to one woman’s journey through ever undulating lifestyles. Pour yourself a glass of Voignier, experiment with someone else’s playlist, and enjoy…



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