Electric Who?

Electric Plum, procrastinating wildly so you don't have to.

Electric Plum, procrastinating wildly so you don’t have to.

Electric Plum, better known as Plum Woodard, is one of the best things to come out of the ’80s. Which isn’t saying much, because the ’80s were pretty dodgy in places. She’s a writer who manages to stave off poverty by doing other stuff on the side (all legal, don’t worry) and is currently mastering the art of break dancing, if only thanks to teach-yourself YouTube videos and a heck of a lot of arnica pillules. Succinctly speaking, Electric Plum…

  • is pescetarian.
  • is from Cornwall but can only bodyboard. Badly.
  • is part Irish, part Scottish and a lot Cornish (which is more or less a lot Irish to begin with).
  • ‘s favourite band of all time is The Rolling Stones.
  • should probably be the same age as her mother, based on most things she’s interested in.
  • has a founded reputation for being unorthodox. Linear convention isn’t something that comes all that naturally to her.
  • is generally always game for an adventure, providing it doesn’t involve Wetherspoons pubs or speeds in excess of 70mph.
  • adores shoes but wears them until they fall broken and full of holes off her feet.
  • is actually the sort of girl who wears wellies to a record launch party and high heels to water the garden.
  • has been ‘maid of dishonour’ (seriously, official title) at two weddings.
  • thinks she can breakdance because people clap her on at parties.
  • believes in the power of love, but not in the Celine Dion way.
  • is terrified of driving on motorways.
  • can burp the alphabet as far as ‘P’. (For ‘Plum’, conveniently)
  • really loves words.
  • thinks that having faith is awesome, but isn’t quite so convinced by organised religion.
  • lives for dancing; only sings when she’s three sheets to the wind; and is too shy to learn the piano.
  • met and hugged Adam Faith three months before he died.
  • saw Bo Diddley in concert a year before he died.
  • has seen several old greats perform only months before dying, and therefore has developed a self-reflexive superstition that she kills legends by attending their gigs.
  • would definitely be Jimi Hendrix’s wife if things had been different.
  • was a child actress.
  • has been mistaken for Norah Jones on more than one occasion.
  • ‘s first ever record was a case-less Kate Bush tape that she bought for 10p at a primary school jumble sale.
  • is the great, great, great, great… Etc. niece of Thomas Percy, one of the gunpowder plotters. Many people aren’t surprised by this, but she’d never advocate criminal damage.
  • ‘s favourite book of all time is The Catcher in The Rye by JD Salinger. She has no substantial reason as to why this is.
  • ‘s favourite philosopher is Keith Richards.
  • is often perceived as a coffee junkie but never drinks more than two cups a day.