Terms, conditions and stuff

Copy content on EP – © Electric Plum, 2011. All rights reserved. EP puts a lot into her posts, and all textual content is her own original copy unless specified otherwise. She reserves all rights over all copy on Electric Plum and upholds the line on intellectual copyright. If you’d like to quote, use, repost or generally duplicate any of the textual content you find on Electric Plum, ensure you link back to the blog or explicitly cite Electric Plum. Even better, drop her a message and let her know as well. Grand.


Disclaimer – EP is pretty fastidious at making sure she name-checks or links back to folks when it comes to excerpting, reblogging or quoting other people’s copy, ideas, quotations or images. However, if you feel that I’ve breached any kind of copyright within the pages of Electric Plum, or simply if you’d rather I didn’t use your stuff, please let me know and I’ll rectify my slip up immediately as instructed.



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